A touch of character

With its Grande Réserve range, Maison Castel offers a selection of the best-known grape varieties of the Pays d’Oc.
Would you be able identify them by their character ?

Pinot noir

Appearance : ruby red
Nose : notes of cherry, wild raspberries and spices
Palate : fruity and fresh on entry with a silky texture yet retaining its delicious and powerful character
Serve : between 16-18°C
Best enjoyed : within 2-3 years
Food-wine pairings : grilled meats, Mediterranean dishes and matured cheeses
Recommended dish : Chicken tajine.


This Pinot Noir Grande Réserve, selected from among the terroirs of the Pays d’Oc, is classified as a Protected Geographical Indication wine. The Pinot Noir is a black grape variety with a thin skin, which tends to produce wines that are pale in colour and fairly low in tannin. Because of its Mediterranean climate, the Pays d’Oc enables this grape variety to obtain perfect balance, good maturity and reveal its delicate aromas.


Long, 4-5 weeks maceration in order to extract the finest expression of the grape variety and obtain a dense, concentrated and powerful wine, also capable of cellar-ageing. Slow, traditional vinification to retain the character of the terroir and the grape variety. Blending is carried out with precision applying the typically French expertise with Languedoc wines.

Maison Castel, Touch of France wines, simple, easy to choose and pleasant to taste.

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