A touch of sparkles

Maison Castel draws on France’s famous ability to produce good fizz to bring you a range of authentic, flavoursome sparkling wines. White or Rosé – which will you choose?

Crémant de Bordeaux

Appearance : bright, pale gold yellow with fine bubbles forming an elegant line
Nose : elegant, complex aromas with citrus notes and also notes of honey
Palate : beautiful attack, smooth foam for a fresh and balanced wine
Serve : between 6-8°C
Best enjoyed : within 1-2 years
Food-wine pairings : aperitif, poultry and white meat
Recommended dish : Foie gras with gingerbread bite


AOC since 1990, The Crémant de Bordeaux is a sparkling wine from traditional method, also called Champenoise, made according to strict rules, common for all Crémant. The appellation area is bounded by the entire Bordeaux vineyard and grape varieties are those of Bordeaux.


Winemaking is made in a traditional method / Champenoise consisting of a second fermentation in the bottle and a 18-month ageing is made for the wine in order to give more complexity, more boldness and a more delicate and elegant bubble.

Maison Castel, Touch of France wines, simple, easy to choose and pleasant to taste.

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