A touch of simplicity

Maison Castel’s varietal range shows the diversity of French wines – but in a way that is easy to understand. These wines represent the best-known French grape varieties, in a range that is easy to enjoy and a pleasure to drink – on their own or with food. Quite simply: What do you like best ? The fruity flavours of Merlot perhaps ? Or the floral notes of a Sauvignon Blanc ?

Medium Sweet Muscat

Appearance : light yellow with golden tints
Nose : fine and delicate on the nose with notes of exotic fruit and honey
palate : intense freshness with a pleasant sweetness
Serve : between 7-8°C
Best enjoyed : within 1-2 years
Food-wine pairings : as an aperitif or paired with charcuterie and desserts
Recommended dish : Peach crumble


This Muscat is designated a Pays d’Oc Protected Geographical Indication wine. The particular character of this wine is derived from its region of origin, whose climate is predominantly Mediterranean with very hot, dry summers and mild autumns, winters and springs. This climate endows the wine with an array of tropical aromas and excellent sugar concentration.


The grapes are kept cool during harvesting.Fermentation is carried at a controlled temperature.The vinification process used is designed to extract as much aroma as possible.

Maison Castel, Touch of France wines, simple, easy to choose and pleasant to taste.

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