A touch of typicity

With the ‘Discovering AOCs’ range, Maison Castel shares its passion for French tradition and ‘savoir-faire’ - in a range of appellation wines that show the diversity of the French winegrowing regions, from the timeless style of Bordeaux to the lesser known wines of Jurançon. Do you know all the regions in our ‘Discovering AOCs’ range?

Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie

Appearance : pale yellow
Nose : notes of white flowers and citrus
Palate : smooth and complex, combining freshness and lively acidity
Serve : between 12-14°C
Best enjoyed : within 1-2 years
Food-wine pairings : as an aperitif or with seafood
Recommended dish : Moules marinières


The Muscadet Sèvre & Maine sur Lie AOC is named after the Sèvre and Petite Maine rivers which flow through the Nantes wine region (Loire Valley) and its best terroirs. The wording « sur lie » guarantees that the wine has spent all winter in vat with the lees, i.e. the deposit at the bottom of the vat, preserved until bottling. This imparts a fatter texture, greater finesse and a more complex array of aromas to the wine.


100% Melon de Bourgogne.
A short skin maceration, designed to bring out the fruity character of the grape, is conducted. This is followed by a slow, temperature-controlled fermentation, condusive to the development of the aromas. The wine undergoes long ageing on the fine lees (6 months minimum) with «bâtonnage» used to stir the lees into suspension. This procedure helps develop the wine’s fat character.

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