A touch of typicity

With the ‘Discovering AOCs’ range, Maison Castel shares its passion for French tradition and ‘savoir-faire’ - in a range of appellation wines that show the diversity of the French winegrowing regions, from the timeless style of Bordeaux to the lesser known wines of Jurançon. Do you know all the regions in our ‘Discovering AOCs’ range?

Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc

Appearance : bright with a pale yellow hue with green tints
Nose : notes of citrus (grapefruit and lemon) and exotic fruit
Palate : expressive with lovely refreshing acidity. Long finish with lasting aromas
Serve : between 12-14°C
Best enjoyed : within 1-2 years
Food-wine pairings : seafood, shellfish and fish
Recommended dish : Sea scallops in a creamy saffron sauce


The Bordeaux AOC is one of the largest, and certainly one of the most famous, wine regions in France. The Sauvignon Blanc is the main white grape variety grown in the Bordeaux region and is used in the production of dry white wines. Very aromatic and mineral, it gives the wine powerful aromas.


100% Sauvignon Blanc.
Very short skin maceration which varies according to the vintages and the grapes used in order to extract aromatic potential without adversely affecting the quality of the musts. Temperature-controlled alcoholic fermentation is used to preserve the wine’s varietal and aromatic qualities along with its structure and length.

Maison Castel, Touch of France wines, simple, easy to choose and pleasant to taste.

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